The event

Go Gourmet is an upscale foodie night out featuring local cooking by top Canadian Culinary Experts. The evening starts with a cocktail reception where appetizers made from recipes created by our culinary experts will be served.

The sit-down meal follows — a tasting menu with small tasting plates designed by celebrity and award winning culinary experts. Wine pairing will be enjoyed with each tasting plate. During dinner each culinary expert tells about the inspiration behind the meal, and offers some tips for “homechefs” wanting to re-create the dishes. The evening wraps up with a dessert reception. Guests have a chance to mingle with the culinary experts, taste delectable treats, and bid on unique silent auction items.

Go local
Go elegant
Go with friends
Go for a good cause
Go wild
Go all out
Go enjoy yourself
GO GOURMET:            April 27, 2016

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Did you always want to be a chef? 
"No, I was athletic as a teenager, so the natural path was Kinesiology, which I initially perused in University, but I always loved to cook.  My Grandmother and I would bake together all the time, starting when I was very little. I would sit in front of the stove on a little chair and watch our chocolate chip cookies rise…. Pure magic!!"- Chef Jo Lusted, Go Gourmet 2014

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Go Gourmet 2014 raised more than $ 27,000 net in support of nutrition and dietetic practice research. Read about the event and see photos in the Spring Keeping Touch 


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