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Why I support CFDR

  • I support CFDR because I believe in the importance of nutrition in the acute care setting, in the diagnosis and healing processes, in the importance of prevention and in the importance of making positive changes by dietitian teaching and empowerment.  CFDR provides funds to support frontline nutrition research, to substantiate best practices, and to impact and improve patient and client care.
    CFDR is a great charitable organization to remember when you are doing a memorial donation—money going to good cause, funding nutrition research...something I believe in!

    Cathy Paroschy Harris
    B.A.Sc., MBA, RD 
    Director of Prevention and Screening Clinical Services
    RD Professional Practice Head
    Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre


    There are many affordable ways to support the funding of dietetic research. Contact Greg Sarney via email or at 416-357-3022 to learn about making a donation, organizing a gift in honour or in tribute of a colleague or loved one, or how to sign up as a monthly donor. 


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