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CFDR announces the 2016 Morgan Award winners
  • At the Awards Ceremony concluding the 2016 Dietitians of Canada national conference in Winnipeg, the Canadian Foundation for Dietetic Research (CFDR) awarded their annual Morgan Awards to dietetic students.
    Winner of the 2016 National Morgan Medal – Connie Jing Nan Yu
    Connie finished her degree of Master of Science in Applied Human Nutrition program with dietetic internship at Mount Saint Vincent University in May 2016. She was recognized as a Scotia Scholar by the Nova Scotia Health Research Foundation and has received funding from CIHR and various scholarships from both her undergraduate and graduate degrees. Connie was also on the winning team of the Dalhousie Interprofessional Health Care Team Challenge, where she experienced how healthcare professionals from different fields collaborate to deliver the best patient care.

    2016 National Morgan Medal winner Connie Yu
    Connie’s research project, "The Effect of Mixed Meals with Added Pureed Beans and Peas on Satiety and Food Intake in Children,” investigated the effect of pureed navy beans and yellow peas added to meals for children aged 9 to 14 years relative to subsequent food intake, subjective appetite and gastrointestinal comfort two hours later. Her study demonstrated that cooked, pureed pulses added to pasta and sauce led to suppression of short-term food intake, had acceptable palatability and resulted in increased fibre intake. This research presented an effective and practical approach in improving nutrient intake, reducing the serving size of food high in available carbohydrate, such as pasta, and maintaining appetite suppression in children and adolescents.

    Regional Morgan Award Winners

    British Columbia: Heather Woodward
    Heather is a clinical dietitian at Copeman Healthcare in Vancouver, BC. Heather completed her dietetic internship and research with Providence Health Care in Vancouver, BC. The purpose of her study was to assess the type and frequency of Nutrition Diagnosis statements written by registered dietitians in the Extended Care Unit at Holy Family Hospital. By enhancing understanding of the types and prevalence of nutrition problems encountered in residential care, future steps can be taken to ensure that dietitian resources are allocated and utilized effectively.  This study suggests improving psychological coping mechanisms and ability to consume meals may play key roles in improving nutrition status in a long-term- care population.

    Manitoba and Saskatchewan: Desirée Perras
    Desirée is currently enrolled in the BSc in Nutrition program with integrated dietetic practicum at the University of Saskatchewan. Her research focused on determining the impact foodservice models have on dietary intake, patient and staff satisfaction, and food waste at an Alternative Level of Care Unit. Desirée’s study aimed to identify the impact of a mobile food cart, and the choice of selection it provides, compared to traditional tray service as a means to reduce malnutrition and functional decline and to potentially decrease length of stay.
    Northwest and Central Ontario: Lauren Kennedy
    Lauren Kennedy is in her final year of the MSc in Foods and Nutrition Internship stream program at Brescia University College, Western University. In her Masters, Lauren has been researching food skills in post-secondary students, with a focus on validity and reliability of measurement tools. Lauren’s study assessed content and face validity of a food skills questionnaire for post-secondary students, a population vulnerable to weight gain and poor eating habits. As a validation study, Lauren’s project effectively demonstrated the validity of the questionnaire to support future food skills research investigating health promotion interventions for post-secondary students. 
    Northeast Ontario and Quebec: Emily How
    Emily recently obtained her Bachelors degree in Dietetics after completing the integrated internship program offered at McGill University. Her research project investigated the effects of the digests of purple potato and purple sweet potato on colon cancer vs. normal cell viability. Previous literature has shown that anthocyanin-rich food extracts exert greater toxicity towards cancer vs. normal human colonic cells, but their digests have not been evaluated. Emily’s results showed for the first time that digests from anthocyanin-rich foods may differ in their selective anticancer cytotoxicity, which may have implications towards recommendations of such foods for colon cancer prevention.
    There were no submissions for Alberta and the Territories in 2016.
    The Morgan Awards were created in honor and in memory of Susan Morgan, a former CFDR manager and dietitian who was an ardent supporter of the dietetic profession, of practice-based research and of mentoring novice researchers. The program recognizes a passion for research and dedication to the profession. Regional awards are available in each of the regions of Dietitians of Canada. From among the regional award recipients one is selected to receive the National Morgan Medal.
    These awards are presented as recognition of individual personal achievement of a dietetic intern or practicum student for their research project. Anyone who was a dietetic intern or a practicum student in a Dietitians of Canada (DC) accredited program in the year preceding the date of application is eligible. This includes students who were in their final year of an integrated undergraduate degree with internship, a post-degree internship, and those who are currently undergoing a combined master's degree and internship. Interns who have obtained their dietetic internship research competencies from prior credit learning (i.e. senior thesis, summer student research awards) are also eligible. To be eligible, the applicant must be a student (Qualifying) member of Dietitians of Canada at the time of application.
    In addition to a commemorative item, the National Morgan Medal recipient receives registration and all travel expenses to attend the national Dietitians of Canada conference.
    CFDR thanks RBC Dominion Securities for their generous grant that funded the 2016 Morgan Award program.
    Congratulations to all of the 2016 Morgan Award recipients! Click here to learn how you can support the Morgan Awards program.

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