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I am honoured to have been chosen for the National Morgan Medal award in honour of Susan Morgan. As a graduate student pursuing further dietetic research, it was very meaningful to me have my research experience recognized by the Canadian Foundation for Dietetic Research. I believe it is essential to have members of our professional community actively engaged in health research so that we can further contribute to our body of knowledge and the dietetic profession. Research is continually informing dietetic practice and ultimately helps us better understand how we can work together to help our clients. As a dietitian and a doctoral student, I look forward to strengthening my research skills and working with others during my future involvement in dietetic research.
Lisa Blundell

The Morgan Awards Program is offered annually to commend and encourage dietetic interns and practicum students in honour and memory of the late Susan Morgan. The awards are presented as recognition of individual personal achievement by a dietetic intern or practicum student for their completed research project.

About Susan Morgan

The late Susan Morgan was a DC Member who had a genuine love and dedication to the dietetics profession. She had a passion for the areas of education and practice-based research and actively promoted dietitians’ acquisition of knowledge. Susan believed in learning from experience and supporting colleagues. She was an accomplished teacher and invited others to share their knowledge. 

In addition to several administrative and marketing positions Susan worked as a Clinical Coordinator for the McGill Dietetics Stage Program and the Manager of the Canadian Foundation for Dietetic Research from 1999 to 2005. 

Susan was well loved, admired and respected for her admirable personal qualities. These attributes include: a sense of humour; a positive outlook, enthusiasm for new ideas, the ability to rise to challenges, strength and determination-even in the face of adversity-and leadership and devotion to her work, her friends and her family.

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