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The Research 360 Club

According to the 2015 Tracking Nutrition Trends poll, CFDR’s national survey of Canadians’ views on food and nutrition, a vast majority of Canadians (88%) view dietitians as one of the most credible sources of food and nutrition information. This we know to be based in dietitians’ reliance on sound evidence to support the information they share with the public.

To continue generating that evidence, our research program needs your support.

Your commitment of as little as $20 per month—just 67 cents per day—will provide CFDR with sustainable funding and increase the number of peer-reviewed grants and research projects we can fund on an annual basis.

By making dietetic research a cause you support, you’ll be supporting the dietetic profession. You’ll also support the continual enhancement of food and nutrition knowledge that dietitians rely on in their practice each day.

Click here to learn more about how new evidence is propelling the work of dietitians each and every day.

As a Research 360 Club Member, you will:

  • Receive a Research 360 welcome package with details about CFDR’s research programs, our funded grants and insights from our Tracking Nutrition Trends study;
  • Receive regular CFDR news and updates that report on how your donations are making a difference;
  • Receive an annual consolidated tax receipt mailed each February, to help with your tax return; and
  • Provide a simple but meaningful way to show your support of dietitians and the knowledge that supports their practice.

Thank you for becoming a Research 360 Club member, and for demonstrating your support of dietitians and CFDR. Together, we will continue to enhance the health of Canadians by contributing new knowledge about food and nutrition!

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