Nutrition Research: Making a Difference

For 27 years, CFDR has been investing in research that contributes to the health of Canadians. By strategically funding projects across the country, we are helping to push the boundaries of nutritional knowledge, improve dietetic practice and public health policies, and providing insight into emerging issues that will shape the future of the dietetic profession.

CFDR-Funded Research

Annually, CFDR provides research grant awards to dietitians and members of Dietitians of Canada who wish to explore a question that relates directly to their practice and will be directly applicable to improving the nutritional health of Canadians.

The following are the 2018 Grants Awards:

Provision of nutrition care by registered dietitians (RDs) to satellite dialysis patients using an audio-video communication application.
Angela Hollett, B.Sc., RD and Wilma Hopman, BAH, MA
Kingston Health Sciences Centre

Examining the impact of numeric versus traffic light calorie labelling at the point-of-purchase on young adults' food and beverage purchases and diet quality.
Kirsten Lee, BSc, PhD (C) and Sharon Kirkpatrick, PhD, RD
University of Waterloo

Nutrition care to prevent and manage oral diseases: Understanding the practices and perspectives of dietitians and dental professionals.
Jessica Lieffers, PhD, RD
University of Saskatchewan

Experience and health impact of university students accessing a digital nutrition, fitness and mindfulness platform. 
Carla Prado, PhD, RD
University of Alberta

Effect of a postpartum lifestyle intervention on the cardiometabolic risk profile of women with a history of gestational diabetes: a pilot study.
Julie Robitaille, PhD, RD
Université Laval

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