Nutrition Research: Making a Difference

For 29 years, CFDR has been investing in research that contributes to the health of Canadians. By strategically funding projects across the country, we are helping to push the boundaries of nutritional knowledge, improve dietetic practice and public health policies, and providing insight into emerging issues that will shape the future of the dietetic profession.

CFDR-Funded Research

Annually, CFDR provides research grant awards to dietitians and members of Dietitians of Canada who wish to explore a question that relates directly to their practice and will be directly applicable to improving the nutritional health of Canadians.

The following are the 2020 Grants Awards:

Artificial intelligence to the profit of dietitians, validity and reliability of the smart food diary Keenoa
Dr. Stephanie Chevalier R, PhD & Anne-Julie Tessier RD, McGill University Health Centre
The influence of online food purchasing on consumers’ diet quality and eating practices
Dr. Melissa Fernandez PhD RD & Dr. Kim Raine PhD RD, University of Alberta
Mothers on Media: Testing the influence of body image messaging on mothers’ body dissatisfaction, eating attitudes and behaviour during the postpartum period
Dr. Jess Haines PhD RD & Ms Lisa Tang MSc RD, Doctoral Student, University of Guelph
Towards decolonizing Canadian dietetic practice
Dr. Rhona Hanning PhD RD FDC, University of Waterloo & Dr. Sandra Juutilainen, PhD RD, Ryerson University
Constipation and malnutrition in the elderly in long-term care facilities
Claudia Lemay BSc RD Consulting RD, Surrey BC & Dr. Bilijana Jonoska Stojkova BSc MS PhD, University of British Columbia

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CFDR funded research projects are posted to Research Room, a virtual gathering place for dietetic researchers and those interested in nutrition and dietetic practice research. Connect with researchers, read about published and ongoing research, and more. Find out more at CFDR’s Research Room 

The Canadian Foundation for Dietetic Research was created in 1991 by Dietitians of Canada (DC) to support applied nutrition and dietetic practice research. Thanks to the generous support of corporate donors and individual members of Dietitians of Canada, in its history CFDR has funded 140 research teams across the country, awarding more than $2 million in grants. The CFDR research program supports the Foundation’s mission (to cultivate and fund practice-based dietetic research) and visions (enhanced Canadian health through new food and nutrition knowledge):
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