CFDR Research Presentations at DC Annual Conference

Presentations for researchers:

  1. Building Research Skills for Dietitians: Getting Your Measures Right
    Carol Adair (Wolfville, 1998)
    The information from this session will provide a systematic approach to developing a research plan, with an emphasis on defining the measures or indicators that will best address the question.
  2. Did My Proposal Make It?
    Pauline Darling (Ottawa, 2000)
    The material will help identify what grant reviewers typically look for in the review process. The information includes a reference list and worksheets:
    • Developing the Research Question
    • Checklist for Successful Grant Applications
  3. The Ins and Outs of Questionnaire Development
    Ryna Levy Milne (Saint John, 2001)
    The material outlines the process of developing a questionnaire. The information includes a separate Reference List.
  4. Doing It With Focus! Analysis of Qualitative Focus Group Data
    Gwen Chapman (Calgary, 2003)
    This session provides a brief introduction to focus group and looks at qualitative data analysis strategies.
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