Research Room

Visit CFDR’s Research Room, a virtual gathering place for dietetic researchers and those interested in nutrition and dietetic practice research. Connect with researchers, read about published and ongoing research, and more. Find out more about CFDR’s Research Room here.

CFDR's research program: Sample proposals & letters of intent

Review examples of letters of intent and proposals for projects that have been funded by CFDR. The research teams of 3 projects share their successful Letters of Intent (LOI) and full research proposals (all pdfs). Click here to view.

Researcher Training Resources  

There's a whole world of training resources available on the internet for researchers. CFDR provides this list of online resources for dietitians looking for more training in writing funding proposals or getting started in research. It is organized into three main sections: resources for writing research proposals; links to websites dedicated to research methodologies and research design; and online statistical resources. Click here to view.

Researcher Funding Resources  

If you're looking to get your research project funded and want to find the best funding opportunity look here. This list is organized into five different sections: The first three (Federal, Provincial/Regional, and Non-Governmental) list websites for single departments, offices, and organizations that offer funding. The fourth section, Compiled Lists and Databases, offers links to websites that list funding opportunities from several different departments, offices, and organizations. The fifth section is entitled Other Related Sources and focuses on how a researcher can build skills for finding grant funding. Click here to view.

DC Conference/CFDR Research Day Presentations

A number of research tools (in pdf) have been developed as part of presentations given at Research Day events held in conjunction with the DC annual conference. Learn how to build your research skills, write a successful proposal, develop a research questionnaire and analyze focus group data. Click here to view.

Canadian Journal of Dietetic Practice and Research

Do you want to get your research project results published in a recognized professional publication? Look at The Canadian Journal of Dietetic Practice and Research, the official peer reviewed publication of Dietitians of Canada. The Journal considers manuscripts for publication that focus on applied food and nutrition research and other contributions to best practices in dietetics. Manuscripts may be in English or French.

Other Online Resources for Research

Other miscellaneous external resources are available on the internet that may help you plan and conduct your research. See this listing of information on ethical conduct for human research, the Canadian Institutes of Health Research and PubMed. If you know of other resources that you would like to share with colleagues, send us the details. Click here to view.

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