Tracking Nutrition Trends

Tracking Nutrition Trends (TNT) is the only Canadian Consumer focused research of its kind.

In 1989, the former National Institute of Nutrition launched the TNT series to investigate the self-reported knowledge, attitudes and behaviours of the adult Canadian population with respect to food and nutrition. The Canadian Council of Food and Nutrition (CCFN) continued this legacy until 2011. Each wave of the TNT series built on the previous findings and tracked changes over time. In 2011 CCFN ceased operations and donated its assets, including the TNT program, to CFDR.

In addition to tracking questions on nutrition knowledge, attitudes and behaviours, later TNT surveys were designed to obtain additional information on the importance of emerging factors in Canadians’ food choices and eating behaviours – factors line nutrition labelling and out-of-home foods and eating habits. 

Over time, the intent of the TNT series remained the same: to provide policy makers, health professionals, academics and the food industry with insight into Canadians’ perspectives on the importance of nutrition and their self-reported knowledge and behaviours. The TNT reports provide insight in formulating policies, developing communications on the role of food and nutrition in health, directing further nutrition research projects and making decisions on the development and marketing of food products.

Former iterations of TNT are archived here.

Home Plate Report: What Consumers are Eating Behind Closed Doors January 2011

Ethnographic Study: A New Perspective on Canadians' Attitudes and Behaviours Toward Food and Nutrition September 2010

Tracking Nutrition Trends: A 20-Year History August 2009

Tracking Nutrition Trends VII August 2008

Tracking Nutrition Trends VI August 2006

Tracking Nutrition Trends V May 2004

RAPPORT Vol. 17, No. 1 2002

RAPPORT Vol. 17, No. 1 2002 (French)

Tracking Nutrition Trends April 1997


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