What is the Canadian Foundation for Dietetic Research?

The Canadian Foundation for Dietetic Research (CFDR) was created by Dietitians of Canada (DC), the professional association for dietitians, and incorporated in 1991 as a charitable foundation. CFDR fills a very specific and very necessary niche in the healthcare research arena. By providing grants to support research by dietitians in the context of their practice, CFDR is in a unique position to help improve the nutritional health of all Canadians. The evidence resulting from this research allows health professionals to provide science-based guidance and intervention in the prevention and treatment of chronic disease and pursuit of optimal health. This evidence also helps those in the food industry to learn more about consumer choices and dietary trends.

How does CFDR contribute to a healthy Canada?

Through projects looking at nutritional interventions for people with such disorders as heart disease, cancer, kidney disease and neuromuscular illness, we are able to enhance the lives of people living with disease. Through projects looking at such issues as malnutrition in the elderly, obesity, and children's food choices, we can help people to maintain optimal health. Consumer-focused projects, like one looking at nutriceuticals and functional food, help our corporate partners—those in the food industry—to track consumer choices and understand dietary trends, helping them in their product development. We are dedicated to building a healthy Canada.

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